How to get unstuck

Today I’m thinking about how to get unstuck. I’m very disciplined and good at making clear, progressive steps toward goals. But what if those steps don’t seem to be leading anywhere clear, anywhere measurable, anywhere that feels new? I go to my spiritual practice, rooted in a belief through experience and early teaching that the more I visualize and think about something while also making progressive steps toward my goals, the closer I come to getting where I want to be. These days, my old tricks seem to be stuck in their old bag. Does anyone else feel that way? The one place I know I can go where I can both feel and think and process is singing and yet I avoid it sometimes. Do you avoid feeling? Why do we do that? I’ve found when working with clients that the only way past is through and I know this to be true for me as well. So, let’s make a commitment together to start. Get unstuck from the screen, breathe, sing along with a song that moves you, sing without a clear direction, maybe dance, move, walk. Go easy but go forward.