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Toby Williams

Clinical Services

Music Psychotherapy

You are already musical!

The way you walk, talk and breathe all reflect musical elements such as rhythm, timbre and pitch.

I listen like a musician, whether you are speaking or making music.

I pay attention to the tempo of your speech and my responses.

Slowing down the flow of the way we tell our stories helps us to notice what is true and allows for more space to feel.

Stopping to breathe, making some sounds, improvising rhythm and free associating vocally to a two chord accompaniment are some ways we may work with music.

I take my cue from you. We’ll use a mix of music and verbal processing to connect your ability to tell and feel your stories, and to work out deep feelings and conflicts. Together, we’ll use music creatively, in partnership, to facilitate personal insight, connection to feelings and enhanced expression.

You do not need to play an instrument or consider yourself a singer to participate and benefit from music psychotherapy.

I studied psychology and music at the University of California at Irvine and received my master’s degree in music therapy from New York University in 2004. From there, I completed a three-year certificate program in Vocal Psychotherapy with Dr. Diane Austin. I have threaded my belief in the primacy of voice work throughout my career working in inpatient and outpatient psychiatry, with autistic children and adults and in medical settings with adults undergoing treatment for cancer and recovering from heart surgery.

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