Clinical Services

Clinical Services

Music Psychotherapy

Toby studied psychology and music at the University of California at Irvine and received her master’s degree in music therapy from New York University in 2014. From there, she completed a three-year certificate program in Vocal Psychotherapy with Dr. Diane Austin. Toby has threaded her belief in the primacy of voice work throughout her career working in inpatient and outpatient psychiatry, with autistic children and adults and in medical settings with adults undergoing treatment for cancer and recovering from heart surgery. Identity issues that surface from change, trauma and unpredicted, stressful life events can be worked on through a mix of musical and verbal processing. Feeling seen, heard and encouraged to break through old patterns while being trusted that you hold inside you the wisdom that you need provides for a sustainable practice for moving through life’s challenges.


Supervising students, guiding young professionals and providing LCAT supervision has been a deep part of Toby’s professional focus for many years, culminating in teaching internship practicum seminar at New York University.


“Toby supervised me in my journey to become a licensed creative arts therapist in the State of New York. During our time together, I felt constantly supported and, at the same time, challenged. Toby knows how to ask the right questions that get into the matter of things quickly. Through our process, she helped me better realize my clients needs, the ways music can be a helpful tool for them, where my biases lie, and much more. Her approach to music therapy influenced my work tremendously and helped me become the music therapist that I am today.”

—Noa Fort. M.A, LCAT, MT-BC

“Toby was my first supervisor entering the professional world. Her help and support navigating the different issues arousing at the beginning of my career was invaluable. Toby’s down-to-earth personality helped me ground myself, and her empathy made me feel accompanied in difficult moments and inspired to grow. I learned tremendously from her, and I’ll be alway grateful to have had her as my supervisor.”

—Mariana Aslan M.A, LCAT, MT-BC

“Toby was my supervisor while I was practicing under a limited permit in NY state. Toby has a wide variety of music therapy experience, who had always has an insight to share with me when I brought issues that I encounter in my work. I always felt safe to express and explore feelings that arise from the clinical work. Her knowledge and experience as a vocalist serves as a key role in developing a better clinical song writing skills which is so necessary to have as a music therapist. Toby had a significant role in helping me become a professional music therapist.”

—Tal Gur, LCAT, MA, MT-BC

“My supervision with Toby has been invaluable for me as a music therapist and as a person. Her clinical knowledge and warm energy creates a safe space where I’ve felt comfortable discussing a wide range of topics, from professional to personal. I can’t thank Toby enough for her guidance, support, and insight!”

—Hannah Hershman, BA, MT-BC