Messages that you internalize, from childhood throughout your adult life, affect your body and your relationships.

Music allows for a full range of emotional expression even when you’re feeling many emotions at once.  Musical experiences give you a place to sort through, discover and distill feelings, leading to insight and grounded strength in yourself.

I have worked with many people who are incredibly smart and capable. They have a strong intellectual ability to analyze and understand their histories and behavior. And yet, find that they continue to repeat patterns that are painful and are not functional emotionally and relationally. If this sounds like you, I’d love to help you learn how to build confidence in yourself by tapping into your own internal resources so that you feel lighter and more in control.

Breath work and singing can help you to get in touch with and express your thoughts and feelings simultaneously while verbal processing leads to insight. You can find a more integrated experience of yourself and more grounded relationships with others. You can learn to stay rooted while seeking connection and to find that joy in life is available under any circumstances.  

Identity issues that surface from change, trauma and stressful life events can be worked on through a mix of musical and verbal processing. Feeling seen, heard and encouraged to break through old patterns while being trusted that you hold inside you the wisdom that you need provides for a sustainable practice for moving through life’s challenges.

I am a licensed creative arts therapist (LCAT #000537), music psychotherapist (MT-BC) with 16 years of practice.  I completed a three year post master’s degree training in Dr. Diane Austin’s method of Vocal Psychotherapy.  I have completed further training in treating attachment disorders. As director of the music therapy program at The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music and an adjunct professor of music therapy at New York University,   I have extensive experience teaching, supervising and mentoring creative arts therapy students and professionals.

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