Toby Williams is a music psychotherapist, with national certification as a music therapist and state licensure as a creative arts therapist (New York State). Toby is the director of the music therapy program at The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music and an adjunct professor of music therapy at New York University.  Toby has been practicing for 16 years and has extensive experience as a supervisor of creative arts therapy students and professionals.

“The messages that we internalize, from childhood through our life experiences as adults affect our relationships with ourselves and others. Learning tools to mitigate over–intellectualization of feelings and experiences through physical and musical expression help us to more deeply know ourselves and others. Voice and breathwork can be used to manage anxiety and assist us to express thoughts and feelings simultaneously, leading to a more integrated experience of ourselves and more grounded relationships with others. By resourcing ourselves, we can learn to stay rooted while seeking connection and to find that joy in life is available under any circumstances”.
—Toby Williams MA, LCAT, MT-BC 2020