What is Music Psychotherapy?

Music Psychotherapy is the use of music as a clinical tool for growth and change with a psychodynamic focus that includes verbal processing. Music is used creatively and in partnership with the client to facilitate personal insight, connection to feelings and enhanced expression.
You do not need to play an instrument or consider yourself a singer to participate and benefit from music psychotherapy.

How do we start?

We will start with an initial phone or video consultation and work together to address how to best to move forward. If I am not the right therapist for your specific concerns, I will refer you to someone who is. I believe that the relationship is the core of what makes therapy beneficial.

Are you working in person?

All sessions will start via a HIPPA protected teletherapy platform. I hope to move back to in person work at a psychotherapy office in Manhattan in early fall.

Do you take insurance?

I do not take insurance, but some insurance companies will reimburse for music psychotherapy. Discuss options with Toby.

Rates and Fees

Rates are variable for supervision and private music psychotherapy and start at $150 per hour.